BiLlionaires Club

is a collection of 3,333 unique lions who are now living on the Ethereum blockchain. They are all hand drawn and AI-generated using over 160 attributes, assuring that every Future Billionaires Club NFT is 100% unique!

Total balance 0.24 ETH
18. 11. 2021
18:00 UTC
Future Billionaires:
3333 pcs
Mint price:
0,08 ETH


Everybody knows lions are kings of the jungle, right? But why? Lions are the kings because of their raw power and strength. Lions fear no other animals and their pride makes them even stronger. Owning a lion means you are a part of a pride which gives you access to many exclusive benefits. The world is our jungle and we’re going to chase and hunt down the success on every corner together as the biggest lion pride in the universe!

  • VIP club full on investors
  • Help save wild lions
  • First NFT in space




Check the roadmap of Future Billionaires Club project to explore all the extra benefits, giveaways, and events that we will do as the amount of minted NFT's goes up!

Advantages of having a lion pride

Networking is one of the key elements for future success in today’s world of business. As lion pride works together, our main goal is to create community where we help each other as well towards hunting down the success in various areas of business. Do you have some interesting ideas, but you lack expertise, or you don’t know the right people to help you carry it out? Well now you do.Become part of our pride and we help you succeed!

Royalty fees

50% of earnings from royalty fees will go to the community wallet each month!They will be used for giveaways and as a passive incomefor Future Billionaires Club NFT holders!

First NFT in space

Literally. We decided to do something that no one else did before... We will send our NFT into space! With help of Sentintospace company, the whole journey will be documented and shared on social media of big NFT influencers. (Don’t worry, whole trip is ECO FRIENDLY)

Free NFT from our future collection

After 100% of Future Billionaires Club collection is minted, we plan to drop another collection. And yes, you guessed it,700 lucky owners of Future Billionaires Club NFT will receive a random piece of following collection for free!


Sadly, the population of wild lions is decreasing because of humans, and we don’t want these majestic creatures to become extinct. That’s why we will donate 5ETH to an official World Wild Fund organization that focuses on saving lions. They will list our project as a donor.

Exclusive merchandise

We will create special Future Billionaires Club Merchandise, which will be availablefor free or at a huge discount for Club membersand sent to many NFT influencers around the world to wear!

Other secret features

We have also preparedmany secret extra features that we will be announcing after the minting process starts. You will learn about some of these on our Discord. So stay tuned!




We know you’re a hungry community, so 1ETH will be given to you.


Grand opening of VIP lounge for owners of Future Billionaires Club only! Our main goal here isto create community of likeminded people where we can help each other not only in cryptoworld but in world of business too.Almost everyone does something else to earn money like development, trading, or real estates and many more... we decided to build this community so we can help each other, share knowledge and information, and together become next bilLIONaires!


We prepared4 unique lion playing cards for 4 lucky winners!For a chance to win 100% unique and handcrafted piece, you must own 2 or more of Future Billionaires Club NFTs.


5ETH will be donated to an official World Wild Fund organization to help save the wild lions!


We will create aspecial Future Billionaires Club merchandise! For club members it will be availablefor free or with huge discount. It will be sent to NFT influencers around the world so that the whole crypto community knows who we are!


We will send our NFT into space! With help of Sentintospace company, the whole journey will be documented and shared on social media of big NFT influencers. (Don’t worry, whole trip is ECO FRIENDLY)

First offline meeting of Future Billionaires Club!As a part of the community, you can help us choose where it will take place so you can get to know your lion pride and celebrate properly!

Club illustrations

17 background
18 mouth
19 mane
11 skin
16 headwear
28 clothes
19 eyes
21 accessories on hand
15 accesories in hand


Future Billionaire Filip

Filip is the leader of our project with that lion mindset we all need. He’s the one making sure our project is going smoothly to the moon.

Future Billionaire Blany

Blany is the face behind art, that brought our project to life. She had a pencil in her hand as long as she can remember and have a few projects on her resume, including design and art for successful escape room in Czech Republic.

Jerry and Jonathan
Future Billionaire Jerry and Jonathan

you know Jerry (as Silenter) and Jonathan mainly from our discord because they’re the ones having conversations with you on daily basis and taking care of all your questions about the project.

Future Billionaire Soňa

Soňa is our twitter master and is also a big crypto and NFT enthusiast.

Future Billionaire Andy

Andy is the head programmer which helped us deliver to you our 3,333 unique NFTs.


Future Billionaires Club is a collection of unique, randomly generated NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. The images will be hosted on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) so that they will be with us forever!

Each of our NFT will be minted at 0.08ETH on minting day (However, we will work hard on making their future value much higher!). No bonding curve means the price will remain the same throughout the minting period.

Yes! You will be able to mint Future Billionaires Club directly on our website https://futurebillionairesclub.io/.

We reserved 150 Future Billionaires Club! They will be given to the winners of giveaways, competitions and sometimes airdropped to active owners. There is also 5 pieces of special Halloween edition and 4 playing card pieces that will be given to 4 lucky owners of our NFT after 50% of mint is complete.

That’s completely up to you. However, we strongly recommend everyone buy at least three Future Billionaires NFTs (you will know why in the near future). Also, the more Future Billionaires you purchase, the higher the chance you have of getting a very rare, valuable piece.

The limit will be 10 Future Billionaires Club NFTs per transaction. For the public mint, the limit will be 20 Future Billionaires Club NFTs per transaction.

This will be launched on Discord and Twitter FBC in November!

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